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Best Igloo Portable Countertop Ice Maker Reviews 2022

best igloo portable countertop ice maker reviews

Here in this article “Best Igloo Portable Countertop Ice Maker” we’ve rounded up top ice making machines from Igloo of various types, specifications, and budget. Below, you’ll find in-depth reviews of each, as well as an elaborate buying guide to pick out your favorite.

The portable countertop ice maker is a must-have device for every home, especially on hot summer days. The machine helps to provide a source of pure, pure ice to serve all beverage and food preservation needs for members of the house. However, how to choose the best igloo portable countertop ice maker requires a bit of research.

If you are looking for an easy and quick way to make ice, one of the best Igloo Ice Makers is the right choice for you. 

Igloo is a well-known company in the market to produce ice maker machines in different styles, colors, and features. 

We have researched its products, analyzed, tested, and compiled top Igloo ice makers here. Check out each review and pick the right one as per your choice.

With so many options to choose from, we thought we’d make your buying decision a little easier by sharing our list of best Igloo portable countertop ice makers. From ice makers for camping, parties to ice makers for RV, there’s something here for everyone.

Why Buy an Igloo Portable Countertop Ice Maker?

Ice makers are still niche products, but they can be incredibly convenient in a variety of situations.

Here are a few reasons why you might want one:

  • You have a lot of parties and gatherings where you need ice, but it’s inconvenient to always go out and buy another bag.
  • Most portable ice makers can produce between 24 and 26 lbs of ice per day, which should be enough for your small bar or eatery.
  • An ice maker is necessary if you live in a dorm or small apartment and want access to ice at home, but you don’t have a freezer that makes it.
  • Your local water supply is not suitable to use with a built-in ice maker (unsafe or hard water).
  • You often go camping or stay in a cabin with no place to buy ice around.
  • A reliable ice maker can help you save time, money, and gas instead of buying ice at the store or getting a freezer just to make ice.
  • If you work in a small office with no room for a large refrigerator, where people have drinks more than food, a portable ice maker is the way to go. 
  • You like to chew ice but want something softer that doesn’t damage your teeth.
  • Really, an ice maker is not a must-have kitchen appliance, but nothing beats that feeling you get when you know you don’t have to re-fill ice trays in the freezer regularly. 

Igloo Portable Countertop Ice Maker - Buying Guide

Features To Consider When Buying A Portable Countertop Ice Maker


Ice Maker capacity is an important factor that you need to consider first. You can know how much ice it produces and much it stores in it by checking capacity. Not only container size but also size of your Ice Maker can determine capacity. For large households, it is better to go for larger capacity Ice Makers. If only one or two people use ice every day, then small Ice Makers will be the best choice.


Size plays an important role as it shows whether or not suitable for your applications. To place it on the countertop of your kitchen, then you can go for a portable Ice Maker that is small in size. If you want an Ice Maker for a restaurant or bar, better go for a big-sized Ice Maker.


You should consider this factor because it has a large influence on price. For example, portable ice makers may perfectly fit your kitchen but may not be sufficient for a large household. And some under-counter Ice Makers give a large capacity of ice and even double as a refrigerator for storage. Based on design and technology, features differ. So, the effectiveness and adaptability of machines depend on design. 


Everyone wants to get a durable Ice Maker. And yes, it is an important factor, though. Many want to get a durable unit to use it for a long time. However, reliability and machine efficiency are also related to durability. If the unit lacks durability, it is indeed not much reliable. As you are putting more money on Ice Makers, it is always best to choose durable units.

Speed of Ice Production

If you are trying to get the best Ice Maker, ice production speed is one of the important factors to consider. Capacity is different from this factor. Because capacity shows how much it can produce per day. But production speed helps you analyze within how much time you will get a fresh batch of ice and how much Ice Maker can keep it stocked. This speed depends on the quality of components they use in the Ice Maker. However, compared to small units, larger Ice Makers work faster.

Ease of use

Purpose of buying an Ice maker is itself for easy access to ice. Of course, it should be easy for users to use. If units are difficult to use, people will rather go for ice trays instead of buying Ice Makers. Ease of use may define a simple user interface or ensure that your unit has enough water to produce ice.

Mesh filter

If you have owned a conventional ice maker, you might already know the natural minerals in water will eventually start to build up inside your device and then significantly affect the ice production. Not only that, after a short period of regular use, you will start to notice that the ice is decreasing in quality, which is caused by contaminants in the water. That’s why ice makers with mesh filters are becoming popular.

With the ability to prevent dust and other particles from getting into the ice, these models can prevent your ice from being contaminated, thus preserving its original look, taste and aroma. 

A mesh filter also helps keep the machine clean and running efficiently without requiring regular maintenance or cleaning. Just make sure to replace it with a new one at least once every year to ensure the best possible performance of your machine. 

Best Igloo Portable Countertop Ice Maker Reviews

Comparison Table

1. Igloo ICEB26BK
Best Igloo Potable ice Maker For Camping
  1. Makes 9 cubes in 7 mins
  2. Makes 26 in 24 hrs.
  3. Water tank capacity: 3 Quarts
2. Igloo ICEB26RR
Best Igloo Portable Ice Maker For RV
  • Makes 9 cubes in 7 mins
  • Makes 26 in 24 hrs.
  • Water tank capacity: 3 Quarts
3. Igloo ICEB26WH
Best Igloo Portable Ice Maker For Garage
  • Makes 9 cubes in 7 mins
  • Makes 26 in 24 hrs.
  • Water tank capacity: 3 Quarts
4. Igloo ICEB33SS
Best Igloo Portable Ice Maker for Outdoor Kitchen
  • Makes 9 cubes in 7 mins
  • Makes 33 in 24 hrs.
  • Water tank capacity: 3 Quarts


Best Igloo Potable ice Maker For Camping

Igloo ICEB26BK

Igloo ICEB26 is a 26-pound capacity portable compact size automatic ice maker with a stylish modern design and easy operation.

This portable countertop ice maker from Igloo makes a batch of 9 bullet shaped ice cubes in (usually) 7-8 minutes. It can make up to 26 lbs of ice in 24 hours, however realistically it will make around 18-20. 

Ice basket is removable with 2 lb capacity which is more than most other ice makers of this type/price. 

Water reservoir capacity is 0.75 gallons, that’s more than most too! Igloo ICEB26BK weighs 19.4 lbs and is 9.6 inches wide, 14.7 inches tall and 12.4 inches deep.

It runs quieter than other models on the market and you’ll only hear a light fan noise which we think is normal as it has to do a bit of noise to perform the ice making task. Igloo ICEB26 is made of solid food-grade plastic, weighs 205 pounds and measures 9.6 x 14.7 x 12.4 inches. It has a standalone design and you can put it on your countertop and keep it there if you’ll use it frequently.

The design is quite modern and with the right color choice it should fit well with your kitchen decor. 

You can make 9 large or small ice in a matter of minutes (7 mins on average) whenever you want and keep your drinks cold all day. You just keep the water reservoir filled with water.

It has a big transparent lid that lets you see what’s going on. You remove this ice basket, take it wherever you want and fill your glasses with ice using the scoop. You can use this unit in your kitchen, home bar, office, dorm room in pool parties and more.

It doesn’t need to be connected to a water line as you fill the water tank with freshwater manually. 

There is a drain plug at the bottom which you need to remove when you need to drain water when it’s not making ice.

With the Igloo ICEB26BK 26-pound portable countertop ice maker machine, you make ice anytime you like for any type of drink for you or your family without getting your hands frozen or having to buy ice from the store.

  • Good design and color
  • Makes ice quickly
  • Removable bits can be hand washed.
  • Portable
  1. Makes soft ice

Best Igloo Portable Ice Maker For RV

Igloo ICEB26RR

Igloo ICEB26RR countertop ice maker is a perfectly stylish, compact and portable appliance that will make the beverages nice and chilled! It has the ability to make ice in less than 7 minutes, and this appliance has the capability of producing 26 pounds of ice per day. 

Igloo portable ice maker has a viewing window from which you can see the ice being made.

Its 2-pound storage ice basket ensures plenty of ice storage space for all your needs.

The LED control light panel lets you choose the ice cube size small or large, and lets you know if the ice basket is full and when to add water.

Igloo ICEB26RR control panel features 2 buttons and 4 indicator lights. One of the buttons turns the ice maker on/off and the other is for selecting the ice cube size setting.

Two of the indicator lights are warning lights – one for when the ice basket is full and the other for when the water reservoir is empty. 

The other two indicators are for showing which ice cube size setting you have chosen, either small or large.

  • Easy to use and understand control panel
  • Removable ice basket
  • Drain plug to drain out water
  • Easy to serve with included ice scoop
  • Ice basket isn’t refrigerated

Best Igloo Portable Ice Maker For Garage

Igloo ICEB26WH

Portable, convenient and compact in size, this retro ice maker looks good on a countertop while producing ice for whenever or wherever you need it

Despite being quite heavy duty you will find that this one of the best igloo portable countertop ice maker is designed to be easy to use and you will also find this very versatile depending on what you are using it for. You can use this for anything that needs extra power such as projects around the house, camping trips, emergency backup, tailgating etc.

Another feature of the Igloo ICEB26WH Ice Maker is that it will give you plug and play functionality, so you simply can plug in and go! The countertop ice maker is also lightweight and easy to move around, as it weighs just 20 pounds.

There is a digital LED control panel which gives an indication if there is no water in the ice maker or if the bin is overflowed with already produced ice.

The ice maker also has a transparent lid which allows for easy viewing of ice cubes being made.

This is also fantastic to use for pretty much anywhere you need fresh ice . If you need something that is reliable as a backup this again would be a great pick. 

If you want something that you can take for a camping trip this is well worth taking with you for added peace of mind.

  • Large capacity ice maker
  • Great for camping, tailgating etc.
  • Quick freezing of ice
  • Convenient, retro looking design
  • No freezer compartment

Best Igloo Portable Ice Maker for Outdoor Kitchen

Igloo ICEB33SS

Another best Igloo portable countertop Ice Maker on our list is the ICEC33SS Portable Ice Maker with significantly higher ice-making capacity. 

All you have to do is keep the water tank filled, and this unit will produce up to 33 pounds of clear ice cubes in 24 hours – more than enough to keep drinks cold all day long.

Along with this large ice making capacity of making a lot of ice per day, this particular igloo portable ice maker can also make 24 square-shaped clear ice cubes/cycle, which is also pretty commendable for any portable ice maker from the same genre. 

This machine’s in-built water tank capacity is 3 quarts, which is also large enough to serve continuous ice to a family of 2 to 4 people.

It was scientifically proven that clear ice cubes tend to last longer and keep drinks colder than traditional faster-melting cloudy white ice cubes as this Igloo portable Ice Maker tends to make clear ice, this last longer. 

Besides features mentioned above, this machine also possesses a quick chill technology, which is meant to make 9 small or large cube-shaped clear ice cubes in as little as 7 minutes.

Easy to understand and illuminated with LED lights, the electronic control panel lets the user know when they need to add water or when the ice bucket is full and choose the size of ice cubes. 

Along with all other features, this unit will also shut off automatically after 16 hours of continuous use to increase its shelf life anyway.

  • Large ice making capacity
  • Clear ice cubes
  • Control panel
  • Auto shutoff
  • Countertop
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Appealing design
  • No power backup

Igloo Portable Countertop Ice Maker FAQs

1. Do I need a water line to use my igloo portable ice maker?

No. Portable ice makers do not require a water line. Instead, you only need to pour water into the unit’s reservoir and turn it on in order to start the ice production process.

2. How do portable ice makers work?

Portable ice makers work like any traditional freezer ice maker. Water is pumped into the rotating ice tray. The compressor and fan then freeze the water into ice. Then a warm refrigerant causes the ice to be released into the bin.

3. How long does it take for an ice maker to make ice?

If you’re thinking about getting an Igloo portable countertop ice maker, you probably already know why you need it. In truth, there isn’t a whole lot of variation between models, so you should feel free to select the model that best suits your taste and budget. All of the models on this list are useful ice makers out there, which would be a great addition to your kitchen, office, camper, or anywhere else that you need a regular and convenient supply of ice.

Most portable ice makers drop their first cubes into the bin in a matter of minutes. Traditional ice trays take hours and hours to produce ice. There’s no more waiting around with a portable ice maker.

4. How small are Igloo portable ice makers?

Portable ice makers are compact enough to fit comfortably on a countertop yet large enough to hold a substantial amount of ice. Most models stand under 15 inches and have a width slimmer than 12 inches.

5. What makes portable ice makers portable?

Because portable ice makers don’t require a water line or a drain line, only a power supply, they can be taken virtually anywhere a 110-120V outlet is available.

6. How do I clean and maintain my Igloo portable countertop ice maker?

Portable ice makers are very easy to maintain. Cleaning your portable ice maker periodically is really all you need to do to ensure it runs smoothly. 

To clean, add an ice machine cleaner to water and pour the mixture into the water reservoir. Run the ice maker until all of the water/cleaner mixture has been made into cubes. 

Discard the cubes. Run the ice maker using just water. Discard the batch again. You will also want to clean your included ice scoop. Like any utensil, this will need to be washed regularly.

7. What is the difference between ice production capacity and ice storage capacity?

The ice production capacity is how much ice the unit can make in a 24 hour period. The ice storage capacity is the maximum amount of ice the unit can hold at any given time. 

The production capacity is typically much larger than the storage capacity because the machine anticipates ice usage throughout the day. 

No need to worry about the unit overfilling though, once the storage capacity is reached the ice maker will suspend ice making until some of the ice is either removed or melted. If the ice is melted, the unit will then use that water to make more ice automatically.

8. Do I need a drain line for my Igloo portable ice maker?

No, you don’t. Portable ice makers do not require a drain or dedicated drain line. Portable units reuse melted ice to then make more ice. If you wish the unit of water completely, there is a plug located near the bottom of the reservoir, much like a travel cooler, intended to make emptying easy and hassle-free.

9. What type of ice do portable ice makers produce?

Most portable ice makers produce what is called bullet ice. Like it sounds, this ice is cylindrical. There are also units that produce impurity-free clear cubed ice, much like the kind typically found in restaurants.

10. Do I need a special plug or power supply to run my portable ice maker?

Portable ice makers use a standard three-prong plug that must be connected to a 110-120V outlet. A DC adaptor can be used to connect the unit to the power source in your vehicle.

11. Can I use my portable ice maker outdoors?

Yes, you can use your portable ice maker anywhere that a power source is available. It must be understood though that the more extreme the ambient temperatures, the harder it’ll be for the unit to produce and keep ice.


If you’re thinking about getting an Igloo portable countertop ice maker, you probably already know why you need it. In truth, there isn’t a whole lot of variation between models, so you should feel free to select the model that best suits your taste and budget. All of the models on this list are useful ice makers out there, which would be a great addition to your kitchen, office, camper, or anywhere else that you need a regular and convenient supply of ice.

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