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Best Shaved Ice Machine 2022; For Home & Commercial Use

Daiquiris, slushies, cocktails, shaved ice desserts – Use your imagination and make any icy treats with these shaved ice machines.

best shaved ice machine

It’s hard to beat a delicious, ice-cold snow cone on a hot summer day. Going out in the sweltering heat to an ice cream parlour for an icy treat can also be a pain. This is where one of our best shaved ice machine comes in.

Along with being great just to have around the house, shaved ice machines are also great for parties. It’s really easy to make a snow cone with a shaved ice machine.
We already know that using our hands to crush ice is not just difficult but also a safety risk. A good shaved ice machine saves you the effort and trouble of having to crush large amounts of ice by hand when hosting a party, garnishing seafood or preparing cocktails.

best shaved ice machine

We tested a 18 best-selling models and shortlisted 10 Best Shaved Ice Machines, to help you figure out which shaved ice machine is right for your home, budget, and expectations. For our tips on “Things to consider in a shaved ice Machine” read the article till the end

Comparison Table

Best Shaved Ice Machine For Home
  • Shaves 143 lbs. of ice per hour
  • Built with food grade corrosion-free stainless steel
  • Water resistant on/off switch
Best Fluffy Shaved Ice Machine
  • Holds up to 20 (8 oz.) snow cones
  • Stainless steel cutting blades
  • 360° viewing chamber
Best Rated Electric Shaved Ice Machine
  • Makes 4-5 cones in under a minute
  • Fast operation
  • Makes snow cones, slushies, frozen lemonades & more
Best Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine
  • Great for making shaved ice, snow cones, snowballs, slushies, margaritas
  • Compact machine
Best Budget Pick
  • Makes perfect fluffy snow in 3 seconds
  • Uses ice cubes straight from freezer
  • Compact
Best Retro Shaved Ice Machine For Home Use
  • Can hold up to 20 (8 ounce) snow cones
  • Stainless steel cutting blades
  • 360 degree views
Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine
  • Can produce 143 lbs of shaved ice per hour
  • Well Built Quality & Eye-catching design
  • Suitable for home & commercial use
Another Best For Commercial Use
  • Shaves more than 350 lbs/hour
  • Fully adjustable and replaceable stainless steel blade
Another Best For Home Use
  • Perfect for making snow cones, slushies, party drinks & more
  • No special ice molds needed
  • Adjustable and replaceable stainless steel blade
Best For Restaurants
  • Double cutter head for high efficiency
  • Sturdy construction
  • Multipurpose wide application

Best Shaved Ice Machines 2021


Best Shaved Ice Machine For Home

This Ice shaver is a solid machine that shaves ice in seconds. It features a powerful motor that can handle large amounts of ice very easily. It shaves ice in natural snow like texture.

The ice crusher’s 143 lbs/hour capacity makes it perfect for producing enough shaved ice for large crowds.

This Electric Ice Crusher is made with a stainless steel blade that is durable and is resistant from wear and corrosion. 

It’s one of the best machines to make fluffy Hawaiin shaved ice for the whole family.

It’s safe to operate as its on/off switch is programmed to automatically cut power off and stop the blade from rotating when the hopper handle is opened preventing injury. To make it safer, the on/off switch is designed to be waterproof.

In addition to plain stainless steel, this model comes in a number of cool colors. Users can select orange, blue, or red if they wish. This will help to make sure that the machine stands out from the crowd.

The steel hopper and blade are designed to be very durable and hygienic. The base is also very sturdy for extra stability during use, and that is why we also recommend this as one of the best shaved ice machines for small  commercial establishments.

As an extra safety measure, the machine shuts off automatically when the hopper handle is open.
The crusher features a stylish design that will add a touch of chic on your kitchen’s counter top. Its high output capacity also makes it perfect for commercial use.

This machine is capable of grinding large and hard ice easily, and cleaning it is a breeze after use. For a motor as powerful as this ice crusher, it doesn’t vibrate much and is relatively less noisy.

Best Fluffy Shaved Ice Machine

This shaved ice machine’s vintage design and affordable price makes it perfect for home use. It features stainless steel cutting blades that work quickly and efficiently to shave ice cubes into fluffy shaved ice.
It also features a side shelf that can be used as a prepping station to prepare at least 2 snow cones at once.
The chamber has a beautiful clear view from all sides which makes it convenient to see the amount of ice being shaved and stored. Its inbuilt safety switch helps prevent injury when using the device. 

The device has a robust stainless steel blade. All you need to do is get some ice cubes, put them in the machine.
Within seconds, the machine will give you smoothly shaved ice. An important feature of this shaved ice machine is that it can produce twenty (8 ounces) of snow cones at once.
The machine comes with other accessories like re-usable cones, ice scoop, a squeeze bottle of syrups, and spoon straws, which make your snow cone preparation easy and fun. 

Nostalgia SCM502 shaved ice machine is perfect for parties or just giving your family or friends a sweet frozen treat any time of the day. It comes with free raspberry and flavored cherry syrups.

Best Rated Electric Shaved Ice Machine

The Cuisinart snow cone maker is an efficient ice shaving machine. It is so efficient that it can easily make 4-5 snow cones in under a minute.

It features two fold-down cone holders that can hold 4 cones for easy prepping without having to juggle snow cones and syrups.

Its compact beautiful design makes it perfect to keep on your kitchen counter top or any table. The ice bin is detachable making it easy to empty and clean.

This durable shaved ice machine can be used for making shaved ice for kid’s treats as well as specialty drinks for adults.

It is also incredibly easy to use; all you have to do is put ice in it and switch it on. This means that even children can operate it.

It comes with a limited 5 year motor warranty, a plastic scoop for shaping shaved ice, recipes, 12 paper cones, and 4BPA free reusable cones.

The machine blades, motor and pull out serving tray have interlock safety features for preventing any injury during operation.
Moving the machine around is easy and simple, thanks to its lightweight design.

Cleaning of the machine has been simplified through its detachable ice bin which allows for easy emptying and wiping.

Best Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine

This Shaved Ice Machine comes with its own syrup and accessories. These accessories are the only things you need to make perfectly delicious sweet snow cones without any other tools.

Although it lacks a lot of bells and whistles that other higher end models have, it does guarantee exceptional fluffy Hawaiin shaved ice all the time. Moreover, most of the machine’s parts can be disassembled making it convenient to clean and store when not in seasonal use.

The machine is safe and easy to use. You can involve your children in making delicious ice cones from smooth shaved ice. 

The machine comes with two ice molds, and each ice mold produces enough shaved ice to make two or three snow cones. It features a high-quality stainless steel blade with versatile settings to shave ice for making a variety of treats and beverages based on ice.

The manufacturer offers replacement blades and additional molds for a few extra dollars.

Hawaiian S900A Shaved Ice Machine comes with a 1-pint bottle of cherry, blue raspberry and grape syrup, 25 snow cone cups, 3 bottles of pourers, 25 straw spoons and ice block molds.

Best Budget Pick

Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver is a budget-friendly way to enjoy premium shaved ice anytime at home. It comes with a 1000-watts motor which means power, durability, and speed. The machine easily fits onto your kitchen counter, and it can make shaved snow for snow cones in seconds.

Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver is super easy to use – just fill it up with ice cubes, press down on the machine’s lid, and it will start creating shaved ice for snow cones immediately.
It is a strong, sturdy machine designed for heavy use. You can easily use it continuously for hours at a party without worrying about the motor getting heated up or breaking down. 

It is extremely safe to use this machine as the ice shaver will only operate when the lid is fully pressed down.

Children can be allowed to use it with minimal supervision. This ice shaver’s blade features 10 edges and it is made from 301 stainless hard temper steel.

Just plug in the machine and make your favourite shaved ice, ice fruitade, mixed drinks, frozen desserts etc.
The unit comes with 6 sample-sized bottles of flavoured syrup and 8 party snow shovel spoons.

Best Retro Shaved Ice Machine For Home Use

This is a large capacity shaved ice machine for producing up to twenty, 8-ounce snow cones. Enough fine shaved ice is stored in the see through chamber so you can keep churning cone after cone of delicious shaved ice at a party without keeping the guests waiting.

It comes in a sturdy design and construction that can tolerate regular use. Moreover, the stylish unit is also very energy-efficient and produces high-quality snow cones in no time. 

Scooping shaved ice is easy through its easy to access serving door. Simply add your favorite flavored syrup or fresh fruit juice for a delicious treat. 

The machine blades, motor and pull out serving tray have interlock safety features for preventing any injury during operation.
Moving the machine around is easy and simple, thanks to its lightweight design.

Cleaning of the machine has been simplified through its detachable ice bin which allows for easy emptying and wiping.

Be creative with the various options that this efficient machine provides. Its parts are made from BPA free material, which means the product is safe from any toxic materials.

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Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine

This extremely durable ice shaver is a great option if you’re in need of a shaved ice machine that is going to be used a lot.
Outfitted with stainless steel waterproof construction and a strong heavy base, this machine is appropriate for home gatherings, parties, snack stands, bars, restaurants or any other commercial establishment.

Unlike other ice shavers that need to cool off after a couple of minutes, this one can run for 20 hours before burning out. However, it only takes a few seconds to crush one load.

It features a highly efficient motor that can produce 440 lbs. of shaved ice per hour to meet demands of large numbers of people at a party or a restaurant. Its stainless steel shaving blade quickly provides large amounts of soft, puffy, fine ice. 

It comes with the round handle that is an anti-skid design of the concave and convex handle. This design will be a good ideal for cleaning purposes and robust downward to get excellent snow.
This machine is also designed with the heat sink in the backside to provide a stable operation. Moreover, the On/Off switch is concealed with the waterproof cover for safety.

Another Best For Commercial Use

The Great Northern Ice Shaver is perfect for heavy-duty personal or commercial use. This sturdy machine is made from high-grade professional materials.

The machine is built to handle commercial and heavy-duty usage. It’s extremely durable as its outer casing is made with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic which is a lightweight, high-impact resistant plastic.

These commercial quality machines feature stainless steel shaving blades with a 1 year warranty, and a powerful motor operating at 1725 rpm. The stainless-steel blades can be adjusted to make shaved ice as fine or course as you would like.

This machine is so powerful that it can produce 6 lbs. of shaved ice in a minute.
Great Northern has a reputation for quality and is a leader in the concession industry. The sturdy high impact construction makes it durable, lightweight and easy to clean.

As opposed to a shaved ice machine which crushes ice and yields “grainy ice”, the “Ice Cub” slowly shaves the ice off the block and produces the finest/fluffiest ice in the industry.

This shaved ice machine is larger and heavier than other machines, so it takes up more counter space and is not as portable as other shaved ice machines on our list.

This model is easy to clean and it includes a built-in safety shield and a double power switch for safety.

Another Best For Home Use

This simple, affordable shaved ice machine is a must for any kitchen. All you need to do is add ice to the machine and within seconds get fluffy shaved ice. With this machine, you do not need different ice molds that would fit the device. Regular ice cubes are enough to get you soft and fluffy shaved ice in no time.

The lid is clear plastic, which gives a view of this cone maker at work, shaving ice. It’s safe to use as the lid has to be closed before the machine will work. Its blades are adjustable which makes it easy for you to customize them to suit your desired size.
The machine can be bought separately as a standalone unit or as part of a gift pack. The gift pack includes cherry, pina colada, blue raspberry syrup, and a 25-pack of snow cone cups and straws.

It’s perfect for healthy slushies, daiquiris and cocktails – or just add your favorite flavor and enjoy delicious shaved ice treats.

Best For Restaurants

If you’re looking for a commercial quality snow cone maker that will feed a crowd at a party, this stainless steel ice shaver might be a great option for you. This electric shaved ice machine will work for your family, office or school. It will shave through 440lbs of ice blocks in an hour, so your cones will be made fast.
At that rate, you can shave ice for 15 8 oz snow cones in just one minute. At 16.5 x 12.5 x 24 inches and 32 pounds, it might be easier to store in a closet than a cabinet. Be sure you have storage space if you choose this option.
This electric shaved ice machine looks inviting and fun. It’s got an acrylic cabinet that keeps the ice cool and lets you watch it being made. The stainless steel blades are made of 430 stainless-steel and are built to last. The on-off switch is water resistant and safe to touch even with wet hands.

best shaved ice machine

This is a high-quality, stainless steel ice shaver machine that will work great for those who love parties. Think twice about this shaved ice and snow machine if you’re tight on storage or you aren’t planning to feed cones to a large crowd. There are other options on this list if you’re looking for a smaller shaved ice maker for a smaller group.
When you’re done using this electric shaved ice machine,  you can easily wipe it down with a clean towel. It doesn’t take much to clean up. The ice water will drain out of the hole in the bottom of the acrylic casing.
The stainless steel is resistant to wear and tear from acid, dirt, rust and other problems that can come up. This heavyweight ice shaver machine should last you for years.

Shaved Ice Machine Buying Guide

Things To Look For In A Shaved Ice Machine
Purpose – Home or Commercial
Capacity of the machine
Operation – Manual or Electric

Durability – Plastic or Stainless steel body.

Aesthetic Design – Countertop design or Industrial

Quality & design of the blade

Size of the Unit – Depends on the amount of shaved ice required at one time.

Versatility – Make only shaved ice, or daiquiris, frozen desserts, slushies, cocktails etc.

Included Accessories – Included snow cones, syrups, snow shovels, ice molds etc.


Ease of Use – Can only be operated by adults or even children can use it with minimal supervision.

Ease of Cleaning

Maintenance – Like any machine, a snow cone machine too requires maintenance. The amount and frequency of maintenance varies with every model. It will completely depend on the unit that you choose for yourself.


If you wish to purchase the best shaved ice machine from the multiple types offered in the market, we suggest that you shop around for a durable brand that can make enough servings for your family or clients. Our picks above, have all the qualities that define a good shaved ice machine for home or commercial use.

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