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How To Clean A Microwave Naturally With Vinegar & Lemon

You can easily clean a microwave with everyday supplies you already have in your house

how to clean a microwave

The quick heating action of microwaves can cause foods to boil over and splatter much more quickly than other heating methods. All it takes is one round of leftovers or burnt bag of popcorn to turn a sparkling clean microwave into a grimy, smelly mess. 

The key to keeping a clean microwave is regular maintenance — every few days, at the very least.

The good news: You can have your microwave clean itself while you enjoy your morning treat! You just need some vinegar, lemon, water and about 10 minutes, that’s it.

When it comes to microwave cleaning tricks, there’s a simple phrase to remember – Steam is your best friend.

You can clean your microwave with vinegar and steam, or lemon and steam.

How to Clean a Microwave with Vinegar and Steam

Safety Note: Unplug your microwave or leave the door open when you’re scrubbing the inside or exterior so you don’t accidentally turn the microwave on. Also, avoid getting cleaner or other liquids into the vents or inner workings of the appliance.

The reason vinegar works is because it’s acidic. In fact, it’s so acidic — it needs to be diluted with water.
Vinegar’s acidity allows it to tackle all sorts of yucky messes, including glue residue, soap scum, hard water stains, and whatever that splatter is on the inside of your microwave — especially when combined with steam, which helps soften and loosen the gunk that seems like it’s a permanent fixture.

What You’ll Need

  • Small microwave-safe bowl or measuring cup
  • White Vinegar
  • Sponge
  • Clean, dry dish towel or cleaning rag

Step 1: Place one cup of water and one cup of distilled white vinegar in a microwaveable bowl. Put in the microwave and heat on high until the mixture boils and creates steam in the interior of the microwave.

Step 2: Turn off the power and leave the door closed for several minutes, allowing the steam to soften the debris.

Step  3: Open the door and carefully remove the measuring cup or bowl using oven mitts or pot holders. If your microwave has a turntable, carefully lift it out as well.

Step 4: Use a damp cloth and wipe the inside of the microwave clean, starting with the ceiling and the sides — and don’t forget the door.

Step 5: Wipe down the turntable and other parts. If it’s dishwasher-safe then run it through the dishwasher to get it good and clean. 

Step 6: Use a clean dish towel to give your microwave a final wipe-down. Go over the whole microwave — ceiling, sides, door and the turntable.

Step 7: Place everything back in the microwave

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How to Remove Stuck-on Food in the Microwave

how to clean a microwave

If the steaming action isn’t enough to cut through baked-on food splatters and grease, it’s time to use other methods and some elbow grease.

Using a spray bottle, mist the problem areas with distilled white vinegar. Sprinkle on some dry baking soda. There will be foaming! When the foaming stops, use a sponge to wipe away the food and stains.

How to Get a Burnt Smell Out of the Microwave

how to clean a microwave

As a fresh-smelling alternative, clean your microwave with lemon.

Squeeze the juice of a lemon into a bowl half-filled with water. Drop the lemon rind into the water as well. Or float slices of lemon in the bowl, squeezing some juice into the water.

Place the bowl in the microwave and heat on high power until the mixture boils and the interior of the oven is coated with steam.

Turn the oven off and wait five minutes before opening the door. Remove the bowl and wipe down the inside of the oven with a sponge or microfiber cloth.

For strong odors (think: burnt sauces), clean any leftover residue and place an odor-absorbing gel inside, like Fresh Wave, until you run it again.

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